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Detect Your Temperature At All Times

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product description

Product Feature

Non-contact testing forehead infrared thermometer, fast, save and clean.
2.LCD display, for fever alarm
3. 2 in 1 functions, body / object, two modes
4. Fast 0.5 second measuring time
5.One button operation very simply to use
6.Automatic value recording and automatic shutdow

Product Description

Electronic digital thermometer consists of temperature sensors, liquid crystal displays, button batteries,

application-specific integrated circuits and other electronic components. It can quickly and accurately

measure body temperature. Compared with the traditional mercury glass thermometer, it has the advantages

of convenient reading, short measurement time, high measurement accuracy, strong memory ability and

buzzer. In particular, electronic thermometers do not contain mercury and do not contain mercury.

The surrounding environment is harmless, especially suitable for families, hospitals and other occasions.


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